Search interface remodeled

I implemented a search interface to newsbeuter very early, because there was quite a lot of demand for it. But I was never really happy with it, because it was awkward to use in some way, and it duplicated functionality that was already in the implementation of the article list. Well, not anymore. Today I sat down, and replaced the search interface with the article list (plus some extensions so that the article list could be used to display search results). Not only makes this all the functionality that is available in the article list also available to users of the search interface, but it also unified the user interface, since the input field for the search phrase was moved from an own line to the line at the very bottom, like all other input fields. As an extra, I added a search history, which should make refining searches easier than before. And not to forget, it also displays what feed an article belongs to, something that was already available for query feeds, and that became instantly available with the switch to the article list.

In my opinion, this is another great example how good the overall code quality is: I can do such changes within a few hours, without any bigger hassles. Adding new features to newsbeuter has become such a charm lately, it’s a real joy doing that. I think the feature list of the upcoming release shows that.


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