Wanted: Developers

November 27, 2007

Newsbeuter is more than a year old already, most important and desired features have been implemented. In my opinion, now is the time to expand the developer team. So if you have interest in working on an opensource projet, know some C++, and want to advance the most feature-complete RSS feedreader for the text console, don’t hesitate to contact me and send in your patches. People who can show that they are able to fix bugs and/or contribute useful, cool or innovative features will be given commit access to the SVN repository. What are you waiting for?


Chinese Translation for newsbeuter

November 21, 2007

Thanks to joshyu, newsbeuter 0.8 will feature a Chinese translation. Here’s a screenshot:

Chinese Translation for newsbeuter

Honestly, I have no idea whether the translation contains anything meaningful, since I have absolutely no knowledge in the Chinese language or scripture. But I trust the contributor, and it looks cool, anyway. 😉