Newsbeuter 0.8.2 released

March 16, 2008

Newsbeuter 0.8.2 is out. Get it from the usual locations. This second “brown paper bag” release was necessary as the format string feature wasn’t as stable as expected from previous testing, and the fixes in 0.8.1 didn’t fully cover all cases. So, if you had problems that newsbeuter was crashing in 0.8 or 0.8.1, this latest release is the one to go for.


Newsbeuter 0.8.1 released

March 12, 2008

Newsbeuter 0.8.1 was just released. The only new thing that this “brown paperbag release” comes with is a fix for a format string bug that made newsbeuter crash on certain non-UTF-8 locale configurations.

Newsbeuter 0.8 released

March 7, 2008

Get it while it’s hot!

As a reminder, here you can find the most important links:

Have fun with this fresh and wonderful release! 🙂