German article about newsbeuter

May 6, 2008

Since about a month ago, you can find a nice introductory article about newsbeuter on the German Ubuntuusers Wiki. If you’re new to newsbeuter, this article gives a good overview, as it explains the most important things to know on a few pages in a clearly arranged fashion.


Newsbeuter 0.9 released

May 1, 2008

Newsbeuter 0.9 has just been released. Here’s the changelog for this latest release:

Improved locking to allow multiple newsbeuter instances (one instance per cache file)
Flagged articles don't get deleted anymore.
Added commandline option to podbeuter to automatically start download.
Added "article-sort-order" configuration option to freely configure the sort order of article lists
Added possibility to delete articles
Lots of bug fixes

You can download newsbeuter 0.9 from the usual location.