Newsbeuter 1.0 released!

August 20, 2008

Newsbeuter 1.0 is finally released. Exactly 650 days after I started developing newsbeuter, I declare newsbeuter officially “finished”, in the sense that it contains all the features that I wanted to have in it. It was a great effort, hours and hours of programming, debugging and answering support requests, but it paid off, and the result is probably the greatest console-based RSS feed reader that ever existed.

Since the 1.0 release is the greatest milestone ever reached in this project’s history, I would like to thank a number of people:

  • Clifford Wolf, author of the awesome STFL, without which I would have never had the motivation to even start developing newsbeuter. Thank you, Clifford, for implementing all the new features and change requests so quickly! Oh, and thanks for the idea of naming newsbeuter “newsbeuter”. 😉
  • Nico Golde, for being probably the earliest adopter, providing great feedback right from the start, and, as Debian developer, being the first to bring newsbeuter into a major Linux distribution.
  • Michael Prokop and Sven Guckes, both who I appreciate for their expert knowledge in the area of text tools and TUIs, for providing a
    lot of great feedback that greatly enhanced newsbeuter’s usability.
  • The newsbeuter translation team that provided me with translations of newsbeuter into 11 different languages that I don’t speak.
  • The countless number of people that reported all kinds of issues and provided me with all kinds of feedback, including patches.
  • Zed Shaw, who recently published a great rant about the current state of Linux RSS feedreaders that made newsbeuter a lot more famous than it was before. Zed also coined the phrase of newsbeuter being “the mutt of feed readers”.
  • All the people who deserve to be mentioned but who I forgot in this list.

At the same time, I also announce the official launch of, the new website for newsbeuter. It shall represent newsbeuter in a better form than the old website did before.

As already mentioned above, this release is the first one that contains all the features that I ever wanted in a great RSS feedreader. This means that the (mostly) steady release cycle of newsbeuter will slow down a bit. If you have any ideas of great new features that you still miss in newsbeuter, don’t hesitate to tell me about them.