newsbeuter 1.2 released: fixes incomplete security fix, please upgrade

September 2, 2008

OK, this is kind of embarrassing… please upgrade to newsbeuter 1.2, as the security fix in 1.1 was incomplete. In addition, you even get new features, such as two new configuration options “download-retries” and “download-timeout” to make newsbeuter more reliable over unreliable connections such as TOR proxies, and improved HTML rendering for <pre> environments. And I hope this was the last release until a month or so…


Newsbeuter 1.1 released: contains security fix, please upgrade

September 1, 2008

Newsbeuter 1.1 was just released. Grab it from here. It contains a security fix for an issue where opening specially crafted URLs with the browser could lead to shell command execution, so an upgrade is highly recommended.