Newsbeuter 2.1 will contain support for 256-color terminals

May 6, 2009

Recently, I found and fixed a bug that prevented the awesome STFL to function correctly on 256-color terminals such as xterm with TERM=xterm-256color. In addition, I added support to both STFL and newsbeuter to specify colors from the whole 256-color palette. Currently, if you want to try out this feature, you need the latest SVN version of STFL (can be found here) and the latest git master branch version (can be found here). To specify one of the “extended” colors, simply use “color<n>” (e.g. “color123”) instead of using the color name (“blue”, “black, “green”, etc.) in the color-related configuration. A chart of color numbers and how they look like can be found here. Finally, here’s a screenshot of the whole thing:


As you can probably recognize, these are not the usual colors from the usual 16-color palette. But, since I’m really bad at designing colorful themes, I ask everyone who has an interesting newsbeuter color configuration to submit it to me so that I can include it to newsbeuter’s contrib directory that already contains a few theme examples.