newsbeuter 2.2 released

March 14, 2010

Today, on a slow day at Chemnitzer Linuxtage 2010, I released newsbeuter 2.2. So, what does this new release offer?

First of all, the latest and greatest feature is Google Reader support. With this support, you can manage your RSS subscriptions at Google Reader, and use newsbeuter as a client to read your feeds. The “read” status for each article is synchronized via Google Reader, and even support for Google Reader features such as “starring” (i.e. bookmarking) and “sharing” articles (so that other people that follow you) is available. The documentation has all the essential information about it.

In addition, a great number of bugs was fixed. The killfile functionality was also extended, a “hard quit” key was added (thanks to Jim Pryor), and the HTML renderer was extended with a table renderer (many thanks for Stefan Erben!). Another additional feature is a new “open-in-browser-and-mark-read” keybinding (thanks to Isaac Good!).

So, have fun with newsbeuter 2.2! Don’t hesitate to send feedback!