newsbeuter 2.4 released

February 1, 2011

A new year, a new newsbeuter release. It has been more than 7 months since the last release, so it was about time…

So, what’s new? Well, a lot. You can now use query feeds in combination with Google Reader. If you have a proxy that requires authentication, you can now configure the proxy authentication method. newsbeuter also has a quiet startup mode that disables all text output until the main screen pops up. It also fixes some sorting issues after a full reload of all feeds.  Additional keys to jump to next and previous articles regardless of their “unread” status were also added.

A huge improvement is the reduced memory usage. Now, data is only loaded from the cache when it’s really necessary, and immediately freed as soon as its not needed anymore. Bloglines support was removed as it ceased operation as of October 1st, 2010.  XDG Base Directory support was also added, but it’s optional and only active if the required directories exist, so the default stays the same.

For Google Reader support, “unread” status changes are recorded in offline mode and sent to the server when reconnecting in online mode. Google Reader also had a nasty bug where passwords weren’t properly encoded on authentication, which made some authentication fail. This is fixed now.

newsbeuter now also has support for cookies. You can configure a “cookie cache” file, and all of newsbeuter’s cookies will be stored there and used from there. It’s a normal text file, after all. And last but not least, countless small issues were fixed.

I hope you enjoy this fine release, the next release after 2.4 will hopefully out sooner. You can grab newsbeuter 2.4 here.

Since I announce this new release, I would also like to use the space to point to my new side project, baconbird. It’s a Twitter client for text terminals, very much in the style and spirit of newsbeuter. It’s written in Perl, using the STFL Perl bindings and the Moose object system (I know, I’m into quirky languages, first C++ with newsbeuter, now Perl with baconbird). If you like newsbeuter and use Twitter, baconbird is probably the tool for you! Feedback and patches are welcome, as usual.