Migration to GitHub

December 20, 2008

Earlier today, I migrated newsbeuter’s Subversion repository to a Git repository that is hosted on GitHub. You can find information about the new GitHub repository (including how to access it) here.

Why git? Why GitHub? Well, the primary reason to migrate the source repository away from its old location was that I simply wanted to move it away from my own infrastructure. One property of git, namely being a distributed version control system, made the decision easy in favor of it, i.e. wherever the source is hosted, it can be easily migrated to other locations. The choice for GitHub fell when I saw the kind of features that it provides. Not only does it make its service available for free for open-source project, but it also makes it easy to start own forks, including the ability for developers (like me) to view and (optionally) merge changes and improvements that others produced. And it also forces me to learn git better. 😉


Debian users: you can now safely upgrade newsbeuter and libmrss

February 28, 2008

The ABI change issues were fixed with a recompile of newsbeuter, so it’s now safe to upgrade again.

Wanted: Developers

November 27, 2007

Newsbeuter is more than a year old already, most important and desired features have been implemented. In my opinion, now is the time to expand the developer team. So if you have interest in working on an opensource projet, know some C++, and want to advance the most feature-complete RSS feedreader for the text console, don’t hesitate to contact me and send in your patches. People who can show that they are able to fix bugs and/or contribute useful, cool or innovative features will be given commit access to the SVN repository. What are you waiting for?

Hello everybody!

August 22, 2007

This blog will be about all kind of stuff related to the development of newsbeuter, an RSS feed reader for the console.