A great rant about Linux feed readers – and a great testimonial for newsbeuter!

June 26, 2008

The infamous Zed Shaw has posted a hilarious rant about his search for a Linux RSS feed reader that fits his requirements. The main criticism he brings up in the evaulation of different feed readers is exactly the type of stuff that annoyed me so much that I started to write newsbeuter in late 2006.

And, to my great pleasure, newsbeuter is exactly the tool that fits his needs. He even calls newsbeuter “The Mutt of Feed Readers”. He describes all the stuff he uses and likes, and it’s obviously all the features that I implemented to make newsbeuter better and greater than the others (I especially had snownews and raggle in my mind, initially). Plus it’s a great testimonial that I went the absolutely right way during development.

So, enjoy the article!


German article about newsbeuter

May 6, 2008

Since about a month ago, you can find a nice introductory article about newsbeuter on the German Ubuntuusers Wiki. If you’re new to newsbeuter, this article gives a good overview, as it explains the most important things to know on a few pages in a clearly arranged fashion.

Newsbeuter mentioned on lottalinuxlinks.com podcast

September 25, 2007

Newsbeuter […] is the apparent replacement for the no longer actively developed raggle and snownews.

(Source: lottalinuxlinks.com podcast #43)

And rightly so! 😉

Article about newsbeuter on “Debian Package of the Day”

September 16, 2007

The blog “Debian Package of the Day” published a short introduction to newsbeuter that outlines the most important features, written by Truly Yours. It talks about how to start with newsbeuter, what the most important features are (OPML import/export, Snownews extensions, podcast support, the filter language, query feeds, notifications, …) and demonstrates the UI design, HTML rendering, configurability of colors and I18N/L10N through screenshots.